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SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream

The SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream is a versatile skincare product suitable for use not only around the eyes but also across the entire face. Its potent retinol formulation, combined with hydrating and brightening ingredients, offers comprehensive anti-aging benefits and skin rejuvenation wherever applied. With its gentle yet effective formula, it can be seamlessly integrated into your skincare routine to target fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and overall skin texture, promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Heimish Matcha Biome Redness Relief Hydrating Toner (30ml)

Heimish Matcha Biome Redness Relief Hydrating Toner is an essence-like toner that soothes redness and improves skin tone and texture. This water-like essence toner absorbs quickly and provides lasting hydration.
Great For
Skin Types – Acne-Prone, Combination, Sensitive Skin Skin Concerns – Sensitivity, Hyperpigmentation, Dullness, Acne, Oiliness  
Why We Love it
A combination of matcha extract, probiotics, and enzymes, the Heimish Matcha Biome Redness Relief Hydrating Toner reduces redness and calms irritation. Hypoallergenic and rich in antioxidants, this skin saving formula is lightweight and perfect for wearing multiple layers. 7 Skin anyone?

Kaine Travel Set

17,90030ml, 30ml, 10ml, 10ml
Looking for a complete skin care routine in one pouch? Perfect for travel junkies and gym-goers, KAINE’s Travel Kit consists of its bestselling products in mini size including a cleanser, toner, cream and sunscreen. The mildly acidic Rosemary Relief Gel Cleanser purifies skin and keeps breakouts at bay. The antioxidants-rich Kombucha Balancing Ampoule Toner moisturizes skin and strengthens the skin barrier. The Green Calm Aqua Cream instantly soothes and moisturizes skin. The Green Fit Pro Sun SPF 50+ Sunscreen provides SPF 50+ PA++++ sun protection while providing hydrating effects. All vegan-certified products are clinically tested, making them suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Topicals Sealed Active Scar Filling Primer for Acne Prone Skin

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Topicals Sealed Active Scar Filling Primer is a specialized skincare product designed to address acne scars while catering to the needs of acne-prone skin. It likely contains ingredients that help to fill in and smooth out the texture of scars, creating a more even skin surface. Additionally, it may incorporate ingredients aimed at reducing inflammation and preventing breakouts, making it suitable for those with acne-prone skin. Always remember to patch test new products, especially if you have sensitive skin, to ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of irritation.

Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum

Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum is a skincare product formulated to exfoliate and hydrate the skin on the body. It typically contains a blend of chemical exfoliants, hydrating ingredients, and antioxidants to address various skin concerns such as dryness, rough texture, and uneven tone. The key ingredients in the Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum may include:
  1. Chemical Exfoliants: These can include alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid and lactic acid, beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) such as salicylic acid, or other exfoliating agents like enzymes or polyhydroxy acids (PHAs). These ingredients work to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote skin renewal.
  2. Hydrating Ingredients: To counteract the potential drying effects of exfoliants, body serums often contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or ceramides. These help to maintain the skin's moisture barrier and prevent dryness.
  3. Antioxidants: Antioxidants like vitamin C or vitamin E may be included to help protect the skin from environmental damage and promote a brighter, more even skin tone.
  4. Soothing Agents: Ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, or green tea extract may be added to soothe and calm the skin, especially if the exfoliating agents can cause irritation for some individuals.
Overall, the Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum aims to improve the texture and appearance of the skin on the body, leaving it smoother, softer, and more radiant. It's important to follow the instructions for use carefully, as overuse or improper application can lead to irritation or other adverse reactions. Additionally, it's recommended to use sunscreen on exposed areas of the body during the day, as exfoliating ingredients can increase sensitivity to the sun.

Cosrx The AHA BHA PHA LHA 35 Peel

The COSRX AHA/BHA/PHA/LHA 35 Peel is a chemical exfoliant that combines four types of hydroxy acids: alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), and lipohydroxy acids (LHAs). AHAs, such as glycolic acid and lactic acid, work on the skin's surface to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, revealing smoother and brighter skin. BHAs, like salicylic acid, penetrate deeper into the pores, making them effective for treating acne and preventing breakouts. PHAs are gentler exfoliants that offer similar benefits to AHAs but are suitable for sensitive skin types. LHAs are a derivative of salicylic acid and provide gentle exfoliation while also having antibacterial properties. This multi-acid peel is designed to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, improve skin texture, and promote a more even skin tone. However, it's important to use it according to the instructions (once a week) and to patch test first, especially if you have sensitive skin, as it can be quite potent. Additionally, it's essential to follow up with sunscreen during the day, as chemical exfoliants can increase sensitivity to sunlight.

Tretiheal Tretinoin Cream USP 0.05% (20g)

TRETIHEAL Tretinoin Cream USP 0.05% is a dermatological product primarily used for the treatment of acne vulgaris, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Tretinoin, the active ingredient in this cream, is a retinoid that works by increasing cell turnover and promoting the exfoliation of dead skin cells. This process helps to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. Regular use of TRETIHEAL Tretinoin Cream can lead to significant improvements in the appearance of acne-prone skin and can also help to minimize the signs of aging such as wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. It is typically applied once daily in the evening to clean, dry skin. However, it's important to start with a low concentration and gradually increase the frequency and concentration as tolerated to minimize the risk of irritation and side effects such as redness, dryness, and peeling. Before using TRETIHEAL Tretinoin Cream, it's essential to consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional to determine if it's suitable for your skin type and condition. Additionally, it's crucial to use sun protection during the day as tretinoin can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, making it more prone to sunburn and damage. Overall, TRETIHEAL Tretinoin Cream is a highly effective topical treatment for acne and skin aging when used as directed under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Topicals Faded Brightening & Clearing Serum (15ml)

Dark spots or discoloration? This hyperpigmentation-safe serum visibly reduces stubborn discoloration, post-blemish marks, scars, and spots—for all ethnicities and skin shades. Gentle enough for daily use, it produces visible results in as little as two weeks and is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities. Faded has a sulfur-like smell. We do not recommend using Faded in the same routine with AHAs, BHAs, or retinol.

Kaine Rosemary AHA Night Serum

The Kaine Rosemary AHA Night Serum is a powerful skincare elixir designed to renew and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Infused with the goodness of rosemary extract and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), this serum works tirelessly to exfoliate, refine, and brighten your complexion, unveiling smoother, more radiant skin by morning.

Face Fact Glow & Resurface Lactic Acid Facial Serum

Face Fact Glow & Resurface Lactic Acid Facial Serum is a potent skincare solution designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, leaving it with a radiant glow. Formulated with lactic acid, a gentle yet effective alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), this serum works to exfoliate the skin's surface, promoting cell turnover and revealing smoother, more even-toned skin. The key benefits of Face Fact Glow & Resurface Lactic Acid Facial Serum include:
  1. Exfoliation: Lactic acid helps to slough away dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote the renewal of healthy skin cells, resulting in a smoother complexion.
  2. Brightening: By removing dull, dead skin cells, this serum helps to brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.
  3. Hydration: Despite its exfoliating properties, lactic acid is also known for its ability to attract moisture to the skin, helping to keep it hydrated and plump.
  4. Smoothing: Regular use of this serum can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and texture irregularities, leaving the skin looking smoother and more youthful.
  5. Gentle Formula: Face Fact Glow & Resurface Lactic Acid Facial Serum is formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients, making it suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.
To use, apply a few drops of the serum to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Follow with your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen during the day. For best results, incorporate into your skincare routine 2-3 times per week, gradually increasing frequency as tolerated. Achieve a luminous, youthful complexion with Face Fact Glow & Resurface Lactic Acid Facial Serum, your key to smoother, brighter skin.