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Topicals Faded Brightening & Clearing Serum (15ml)

Dark spots or discoloration? This hyperpigmentation-safe serum visibly reduces stubborn discoloration, post-blemish marks, scars, and spots—for all ethnicities and skin shades. Gentle enough for daily use, it produces visible results in as little as two weeks and is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities. Faded has a sulfur-like smell. We do not recommend using Faded in the same routine with AHAs, BHAs, or retinol.

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Cream

The Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Cream is formulated with a focus on addressing hyperpigmentation concerns and promoting a more even skin tone. Here are some additional details:
  1. Key Ingredients: This cream is enriched with potent ingredients like vitamin C sourced from green tangerines. Vitamin C is known for its brightening properties and its ability to help fade dark spots and discoloration. Additionally, niacinamide, another key component, aids in improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of pores.
  2. Brightening and Clarifying: The combination of vitamin C and niacinamide works synergistically to combat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone caused by various factors such as sun damage, age spots, or post-inflammatory pigmentation.
  3. Skin Revitalization: The formulation is crafted to revitalize the skin, giving it a more luminous and healthier appearance. The green tangerine extract, known for its high vitamin C content, not only brightens but also rejuvenates the skin, helping it appear fresher and more radiant.
  4. Texture and Absorption: The cream boasts a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. This makes it suitable for daily use, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into your skincare routine without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling.
  5. Usage: Typically, it's recommended to apply a moderate amount onto cleansed skin, gently massaging in circular motions until fully absorbed. For best results, it's often used in the morning and evening as part of a skincare regimen.
  6. Results: With consistent use, this cream aims to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote a more even complexion over time, revealing brighter and clearer skin.
Overall, the Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Cream offers a comprehensive solution for those targeting dark spots and seeking to achieve a brighter, more uniform skin tone.

Touch Bight & Clear Cream

A concentrated cream formulated with powerful color correcting actives to fight all types of discoloration including: melasma, age spots, sun spots, & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This cream also provides a clarifying treatment for acne and other related blemishes. For best results use with sunscreen.  

Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum (Version 2.0)

Formulated with Tranexemic acid and 4% Niacinamide to help the appearance of pores, scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and age spots.

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Serum Ginseng + Snail Mucin

This product contains 3.01% of Snail Secrecy Filtrate and 63.36% of Panax Ginseng Root Water, which are effective for moisturization and providing nourishment and helps treat skin wrinkles.

Cosrx Refresh ABC Daily Toner (AHA BHA Vitamin C)

Skin-revitalizing daily toner containing AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C that helps to improve the skin’s texture and tone to leave dull skin refined and radiant. Absorbs immediately into the skin to leave it soft, smooth and prepped for the next skincare products to follow.

Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner

Promote bright, even skin and less visible pores with this alcohol-free toner from Good Molecules. Niacinamide Brightening Toner is formulated with a soothing blend of brightening ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of dullness, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores.